Hydro turbines are available in different shapes and sizes to optimize energy efficiency.




Hydro Turbine Selection Chart 

We evaluate the geographical conditions (discharge, head) of the power plant installation site and customize hydro turbines to meet customer requirements.

Our Capabilities and Expertise

P o i n t 01
Project Planning and Coordination
●New construction, Complete overhauls and Partial replacement of hydropower plants
●Upgrading and Refurbishment of existing facilities based on predictive analysis
●Complete service planning including manufacturing and Procurement of materials and equipment, and Construction capabilities
P o i n t 02
Quality Control
●CFD simulation software to optimize design
●Durability of high-quality forged steel materials
●ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification
P o i n t 03
Customized Units and Tailor-made Solutions
●Optimization and efficiency improvement of hydro turbine by using Virtual prototyping and Transients calculation
●Highly specialized engineers, capable of using the cutting-edge technology to meet various requirements
●Most modern software for modelling and CNC machines for fabrication to utmost accuracy
P o i n t 04
After-sales Service
●Spare parts storage in our domestic warehouse
●Training services for operating and maintenance staff
●Support system for Operating condition, Preventive Maintenance and Performance Inspections of equipment and systems (Optional)

About ZECO

ZECO, Europe’s leading manufacturer in small hydropower technology.

With the abundant water resources, the Alpine region is the area where hydropower production is most intense with the cutting-edge technology.
Northern Italy is located at the foot of the Alps and is renowned as industrial region for automobile, steel and metal.

ZECO was founded in Veneto, Northern Italy, and has been specializing in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of hydroelectric plants since 1960s.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years in Italy, ZECO has been expanding its footprint into Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia.
ZECO offers products and services which are customized to individual requirements, ranging from modifications of existing plants to the full implementation of new plants.